Monday, July 4, 2016

Brick Or Stone: Which Exterior Is Best?

Considered the highest quality choice for home exteriors, brick and stone are also almost maintenance free and will last as long as the house, though some repairs may be needed from time to time.


Timeless and refined, brick or stone exterior is one of the best choices for your home. Either material creates a fire-resistant covering that will increase the value of your home. Research has shown that brick effectively lowers heating and cooling costs by as much as eight percent.

It can withstand high winds and is not typically damaged by hail or other debris that may be blown around in windy conditions. Brick and stone exteriors are also extremely durable and can continue protecting your home well into the next century.


Brick and stone cost more to install than other home exterior materials, and their weight needs to be considered during construction. Once in place, they are very solid and inflexible.

This makes brick and stone a problematic choice in areas that are prone to earthquakes. Over time, brick and stone will also start to weather, changing their colors slightly. This can make it difficult to match the appearance if the home is later expanded or remodeled.

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